La Baronia
Quinteros, V Region, CHILE
Architects: Max Núñez – Nicolás del Rio
Collaborator: Gonzalo Leturia
Location: Quinteros, V Region, Chile
Finished: December 2009
Clients: Carlos Fuentes, Bernardita Cossio
Structural Engineer: Enzo Valladares
Building Contractor: Eduardo Torreblanca
Built Surface: 150 m²
Materials: Wood, zinc-alum cladding
Photographs: Erieta Attali, Sergio Pirrone

The corroding power of the salty breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean can wear out an unprotected structure in a short period of time. Here, the braking waves are not a romantic vision of nature but a very crude reality of the temporal condition of architecture.

The project offers a delay of that imminent decay by building a weathered protection of corten steel and an interior structure of bolted wood frames. The “idilic” open pavilion by the seaside is replaced by a much more hermetic construction.

A tight budget and a precise brief restrained the design to a rational and flexible organization of the program in two levels and to the tectonic expression of a simple wood structure. The articulation of this structure is different in both levels, creating distinct relations with the view to the Pacific. If above in the common areas, the perimeter is defined by the repetition and variations of the wood envelope, on the level below, a deep horizontal window detached from the structure characterizes the bedrooms. These variations create different corners and views, defining a distance with the exterior, and stressing the condition of the house as a shelter by the seaside.