Cerro Tacna
Maitencillo, V Region, CHILE
Architects: Nicolás del Rio – Max Núñez
Collaborator: Olivier Tayeb
Location: Maitencillo, V Region, Chile
Finished: December 2007
Client: Patricio Miñano
Structural Engineer: Enzo Valladares
Building Contractor: Eduardo Torreblanca
Built Surface: 122 m²
Materials: Pine wood
Photographs: Erieta Attali, Felipe Camus

This beach house is located on the Tacna hill, an elevated plateau facing the Pacific, a few kilometers south from the town of Maitencillo

The house becomes an extension of the beach where you can walk freely with sand on your feet. The house is an elevated platform, 3.8mts above ground level, which holds the two independent volumes of living and bedrooms, and a third one underneath, for visitor’s bedrooms. These volumes are freely placed on the platform, to leave part of it unoccupied, so interiors can easily incorporate exteriors. Hence, the connection between these 3 volumes it’s always exterior, using what’s left of the platform for it. The platform’s height and plan rotation, grants the best view, towards the ocean and the summer sunset. Also, the terrace reassures it’s privacy with the kitchen-living room’s volume, which acts as a limit against the unwanted neighbor’s sneak eye. As for the living room’s inside space, it’s widely incorporated to the terrace by the movement of 3 of its 4, 2.3x2.3mt glass sliding windows, resulting a duplication of its area.

The structure is planned in order to leave as much space below the platform as possible. This will allow the garden works to use the plot almost entirely, and eventually build a pool. This is accomplished by the visitors bedrooms box and a V shaped pillar structural axis, which provides the necessary seismic resistance while giving a defined structure a expression .

The house is built in impregnated pine wood, as it is most of the neighbouring houses. The whole Schedule, from planning until finished, took 10 months.