Escuela Naval
Valparaiso, V Region, CHILE
Architects: Rodrigo Pérez de Arce, Max Núñez, Nicolas Stutzin, Alfredo Thiermann, Pedro Correa
Collaborators: Santiago Valdivieso
Location: Valparaiso, V Region, Chile
Competition: October 2012

Proposal for the new theater of the Escuela Naval Arturo Prat, Valparaiso.

A concrete lattice structure lifts the theater 5mts above the ground level, allowing to extend the existing patio underneath it. This decision creates a covered exterior of 40x40 meters, an open foyer of big dimensions that penetrates the building by a system of grand stairs. The lattice structure and an alabaster cladding enables a performance space that, contrary to the idea of the "black box", allows natural light into the building. Complete darkness, if needed, is regulated by a mechanical system of internal shutters and curtains. Below the ground level are located the service areas of the theater and parking space for 300 cars.

The regular shape and size of the building establishes a close dialogue with the modern buildings of the Escuela Naval, which date from the late 1960's. This new volume completes the original scheme of the complex and will appear as a new visible landmark for the city of Valparaiso.