Rural Office
La Condes, Santiago, CHILE
Architects: Nicolás del Rio – Max Núñez
Location: Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Date: May 2011
Client: Edwards Asociados

A successful advertising company came to us asking for a schematic design for their new headquarters. A space for "play" was a key element in their brief.

The program required 200 new square meters somewhere around a preexisting house. The rest of the free surface would be "green" areas that would require a high and constant maintenance.

The project crosses the idea of "play" with a productive agricultural field by the creation of a communal garden that subdivides the whole plot of land in patches of 2x2m. Each square of land will be assigned and taken care by one member of the company, he will be in charge of making it "grow".

The new office space will be a big greenhouse. A prefab cheap construction, luminous as a work space, and easy to dismantle in case the business has to move elsewhere.